NaPoWriMo: Day 12



Focus on the woman
in rickety chair,
brittle with cold.
Later she makes excuses;
she was not to blame!


This found poem is based on a flash fiction piece of mine, called The Time I Lost My Appetite. It was first published by Reflex Fiction in 2018. I called the poem Appendix, because it seems to distill the essence of the story from an outsider point of view. I feel that it complements the piece really well, and that I should always keep the two together from now on!


Just a bit of news. I have just finished a poetry course with Manchester Metropolitan University, and during the course I wrote a poem which I have called ‘Sitting Room with Circus Lion’. I got a good review for it from another student (thank you Igor), and I’m reasonably happy with it as it stands, but to be sure I’ll leave it for a few weeks and then have another look.

Later this week, I’ll be posting my new microfiction ‘Theseus’s Ship’. So check back if you would like to read it!

And finally, I recently had a haibun accepted by haibun and tanka prose journal Haibun Today. The new issue is out now, so head over there if you would like to read the piece:

Reclamation (Haibun Today)