A vespertine creature versus capitalism


Alcithoe hunched in the corner of her dark bedroom
cradling herself with filmy wings,

(she waits)

a vespertine creature conversing with owls when she takes flight.

The light from the wall-mounted screen glowers. Much-hymned Bacchus’
tentacles of ivy and vine reaching out, incessant. Ever-changing visions of feasts:

an abundance of food on decorative plates;
fasts carts drawn by lynxes;
perfumed, fawn-skin wearing nymphs,
dancing, twirling, shrieking
with joy,
of joy,
about joy

that can be bought by offering oneself up to the Lightning-Born.

Being industrious, it has changed meaning.

To be a contributing member she must join the frenzy,
but she won’t. She will not betray her sisters.
She will wait.

(she waits for dusk)

Swooping, soaring, when revellers are busy with their dinner,
she echolocates her kind.

(Is this really punishment?)

A lion and a graphite metronome: 2 poetry videos

Here are two videos of poetry readings, recently added to my YouTube page.

The first is an autobiographical poem about me and my father. The second, an ars poetica in the villanelle form. Do you prefer structured and rhyming poetry or free verse? I am curious, so please let me know in the comments below!

Me reading Sitting Room with Circus Lion
Ars Poetica

A poem and a zine

fed_from_the_breastThis is another excerpt of the zine I have been working on. My zine is called “The Seeker” and it is now available on Etsy! Yes, I have opened my Etsy shop this week. This is the first zine I have ever made and I am so excited to share it with you!

The Seeker is now available on Etsy.com

This particular poem is the second part of the longest poem I have ever written. The poem is 64 lines in total and it is in free verse. There is one other poem, also in free verse, in the zine. The other poems are all prose poetry. I do hope you that will you check it out! It would mean a lot to me, as the writing is very personal.