A lion and a graphite metronome: 2 poetry videos

Here are two videos of poetry readings, recently added to my YouTube page.

The first is an autobiographical poem about me and my father. The second, an ars poetica in the villanelle form. Do you prefer structured and rhyming poetry or free verse? I am curious, so please let me know in the comments below!

Me reading Sitting Room with Circus Lion
Ars Poetica

New poem in Rogue Agent journal

image shows a concrete wall, half-tiled with green tiles. Text reads: new poem, The Trip Up.The Trip Up is a poem about feeling different because of a chronic illness. When people find out, or when you tell them, reactions are mostly uncomfortable. In one moment you become “an other” and people become unsure around you.

You can read the poem here in the latest issue of Rogue Agent.