A haiku about loneliness and a flash fiction video


I have two things again for you this week, dear readers! The first is a haiku that I posted earlier this week on my Instagram page. The second is a video reading of a flash fiction story that I wrote about two years ago.

Theseus’s Ship is a futuristic story, a musing on immortality, human-technology integration, and what it means to be human.

NaPoWriMo: Day 12



Focus on the woman
in rickety chair,
brittle with cold.
Later she makes excuses;
she was not to blame!


This found poem is based on a flash fiction piece of mine, called The Time I Lost My Appetite. It was first published by Reflex Fiction in 2018. I called the poem Appendix, because it seems to distill the essence of the story from an outsider point of view. I feel that it complements the piece really well, and that I should always keep the two together from now on!

NaPoWriMo: Day 6





Found boneless,teal
It used to be

My mother, feet against the fence
My body swallowed the downpour


This found poem was made from a 100 word flash fiction I wrote a few months ago. I was inspired by a photo prompt of a goat, and for the style and atmosphere I took my cues from the brilliant Karen Russell, whose short story collection, Vampires in the Lemon Grove, I was reading at the time.