A poem and a zine

fed_from_the_breastThis is another excerpt of the zine I have been working on. My zine is called “The Seeker” and it is now available on Etsy! Yes, I have opened my Etsy shop this week. This is the first zine I have ever made and I am so excited to share it with you!

The Seeker is now available on Etsy.com

This particular poem is the second part of the longest poem I have ever written. The poem is 64 lines in total and it is in free verse. There is one other poem, also in free verse, in the zine. The other poems are all prose poetry. I do hope you that will you check it out! It would mean a lot to me, as the writing is very personal.

The Seeker

the_seekerI have been working on a zine. This will be my first zine, and I hope to have it ready by the end of the month. I plan on selling it on Etsy.

This writing is an excerpt of the opening piece. The whole zine ties together under the theme of ‘searching’, searching for yourself, for connection, for your roots. It is an exploration of how inherited trauma can create a profound sense of disconnection, and it is some of the most personal writing I have ever done.

A new poem and a video reading

Frustrated Plans

Helios’s chariot no longer brings me the sun.

Its rays that would linger on my collarbone,
warming my shoulders, cupping
my breasts with growing intensity. The warmth
would carve a valley
for the sun to fall into

with loose limbs,

a soft fall.

I miss falling into the sun,
but Helios no longer rides
and a long dark winter has arrived.

This is a little poem that I wrote a few weeks ago while I posting my NaPoWriMo project. It is about being single in the time of Covid-19. I also wanted to share a video poem with you. This video was originally recorded for Instagram and I have also placed it on YouTube. I plan to record more of my poems soon, so please do have a look and a listen, and let me know what you think!

Watch me read my poem Ways of Seeing

New poem in Rogue Agent journal

image shows a concrete wall, half-tiled with green tiles. Text reads: new poem, The Trip Up.The Trip Up is a poem about feeling different because of a chronic illness. When people find out, or when you tell them, reactions are mostly uncomfortable. In one moment you become “an other” and people become unsure around you.

You can read the poem here in the latest issue of Rogue Agent.