A lion and a graphite metronome: 2 poetry videos

Here are two videos of poetry readings, recently added to my YouTube page.

The first is an autobiographical poem about me and my father. The second, an ars poetica in the villanelle form. Do you prefer structured and rhyming poetry or free verse? I am curious, so please let me know in the comments below!

Me reading Sitting Room with Circus Lion
Ars Poetica


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10 thoughts on “A lion and a graphite metronome: 2 poetry videos”

  1. I enjoy your readings Constance, we all write differently
    we all think differently
    To smile and enjoy what we do is important
    equally important, is to have our reader, smile and enjoy too….

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  2. As always, quite beautiful and reflective. You asked about personal preference for rhyming verse against free verse. I like them both, BUT, I feel you have to work a lot harder to portray a message, a thought or a reflection, to someone else, when you also have to make it rhyme. That’s a very simplistic answer, with a glass of wine, sat round a fire, on a winters eve, I’m sure we could spin the debate to last the night away.

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    1. Thank you! And yes, both forms have their merits and difficulties. I actually don’t have a preference, although I don’t like poetry with very obvious rhymes. When I use rhyme, I prefer near rhyme or internal rhyme. I will often bury the rhymed word in the beginning of the next line as well. One thing I have found when using a strict form is that it forces me to reach for words and images that I might not have thought of otherwise 🙂


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