NaPoWriMo: Day 8

The Problem

feels torqued
I slip, a virtuoso
too obscure to peg into a puzzle board

my bumbling body
converts skies, lands rainwater
it pools in statistics

symptom conversion
disordered illness as shadow puppets
I was overlooked

corroding acronyms,
symptoms to reframe my dis-ease
then there’s the neglect

women accused
of playacting, the lead role,
director, you weren’t that convincing


This found poem is very special to me. It was constructed from an essay by poet, essayist, and science writer Kate Horowitz. It’s called Performance of a Lifetime: On Invisible Illness, Gender, and Disbelief; and you can read it here.

She very generously allowed me to use her work for my erasure poetry project. We met on Instagram, and because we are both affected by a chronic health condition, I guess a sort of understanding grew very quickly. She’s also a brilliant poet and I highly recommend you read her work!



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