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reception_deskVisit Blanket Sea to read or listen to my new poem “Please Pay at the Reception Desk on Your Way Out”, a poem that describes the experience of trying to get medical support for ME/CFS.

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  1. It’s a perplexing experience when they say to contact them if there’s anything else. Like what? If this illness isn’t worth your time I’m just not certain what would be. So then, we simply don’t go.

    I remain steadfast in my belief that someday people will look back and be shocked by our mistreatment.

    Great poem! 💙

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. I have completely lost faith in the medical establishment. I have given up trying to get professional help at this stage! But I keep up with all the latest research, mostly through And I have been able to help myself a little bit over the years by experimenting with my diet and select supplements 🙂

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      1. It seems with MECFS we’re all just doing our absolute best with the very little guidance we receive. I’ve been sick five years and have received zero ME care (seen approx 30 health care professionals). It’s ludicrous. From the bottom of my heart I hope that changes for us all very soon.💙

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      2. Me too! The situation is ridiculous! We have to search for information and guidance online, trying to sort the good information from the bad. We try to glean what might work from us, so we can experiment on ourselves with possibles treatments. It’s a dangerous situation. We can easily damage our health even more by taking the wrong thing! But that’s how desperate this community is!

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  2. Your piece sums up MEcfs treatment completely. Thank you for sharing on this utterly frustrating aspect of the condition. I am sorry, however, that you suffer too.💙

    Ps. Thank you for popping by my blog & for following. I appreciate it.💙

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